Inspired by Her

Inspired by Her

Hosted by: Zoe Richmond

The place to find bite sized tips and tricks on launching your online course or membership as well as inspirational and candid conversations on building and scaling your online business a simply and successfully.


Own Your Worth

Season #1 Episode #2

This weeks episode is I am chatting about owning your worth! Your worth is unlimited but often we tie our worth to our pricing which results in undercharging, discounting and a lot of mindset drama's when people...
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5 Tips for Actually Achieving Your Goals

Season #1 Episode #4

Today on the podcast I am dropping 5 really simple tips to help you supercharge your goals so you actually achieve them! I know I am guilty of setting goals at the beginning of the year and by the time February rolls...
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3 Tips To Actually Hit Your Income Goals

Season #1 Episode #5

Today I am sharing 3 things you need to be doing right now to hit your income goals! They are super simple and you can start doing them right now to change the results you're creating in your business. So what are...
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The power of mindset for entrepreneurs with Petria Leggo-Field

Season #1 Episode #6

I have my very first guest on the podcast for the year this week, Petria Leggo-Field, who is the founder of Coco Rose Eco and the Coco Rose Community. Today we are chatting about juggling all the things, and the...
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3 things I am doing differently in 2021

Season #1 Episode #7

Today I am sharing with you 3 things I am doing differently to achieve the results I want in my business. I am always looking for easier ways to do things and to try and create EASE in my life. So I am saying goodbye...
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Setting your 2021 intentions

Season #1 Episode #8

And we are back!! I had a small hiatus at the end of last year to give myself some space to get things back into alignment but I am fresh and rested and raring to go! Just like that, we have welcomed in a brand new...
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5 Ways to reduce overwhelm and feeling busy

Season #1 Episode #9

This one is a goodie ladies! Overwhelm and a general feeling of being busy are such common thoughts and feelings for us ladies in biz. They become our normal right!? But what can you do to reduce these feelings when...
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Passive Income with Molly Elmer

Season #1 Episode #10

This week on the Inspired By Her I am chatting with Molly Elmer who is a side hustle coach and mentors millennials to launch online side-hustles - without needing to quit their full time job.I am all about the juggle...
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Stop Ignoring Your Money

Season #1 Episode #11

This weeks episode it short and sweet - stop ignoring your money! Start showing it some gratitude, nurture it and give it a bit of love.When was the last time you stopped to really think about your relationship with...
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3 Money Stories Sabotaging Your Success

Season #1 Episode #12

What do your thoughts and mindset have to do with running a successful business? The answer is everything! You could have the best strategy in the world but if you don't have positive and abundant beliefs and mindset...
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Connecting your content with your client journey with Mel Daniels

Season #1 Episode #13

This week on The Inspired By Her podcast I have the lovely Mel Daniels from Meld Business Services on talking about the client journey and how to use content more purposefully to move people through the journey.If you...
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How to manage your money in 4 simple steps

Season #1 Episode #14

Okay so you and I both know that numbers and money is the unsexy side of business right. It’s the side that most people like to bury their head in the sand about and avoid if they can. Well in todays podcast episode I...
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