3 things I am doing differently in 2021

Season #1 Episode #7

Today I am sharing with you 3 things I am doing differently to achieve the results I want in my business. I am always looking for easier ways to do things and to try and create EASE in my life. So I am saying goodbye to the things that are feeling hard and not aligned with my goals this year. So the 3 things I am doing differently:
  1. I am not setting SMART goals this year. GASP! Yep, I am just leaning into focusing on my intentions which is to help as many ladies I can show up in their business in a way that feels fun and easeful so they can create more income.
  2. I am not doing things that feel hard or sticky, or out of desperation to just make money and 'hit my goals'. I am going to do more of what feels GOOD!
  3. I am not putting unrealistic expectations on myself. I am accepting that as long as I am showing up and delivering value and creating an impact for my people that I am doing my job and the money will follow.
I am using these two journal prompts to help me reaffirm to myself that I am on the right path and acting in alignment to my values.
  1. How did I show up and make an impact today?
  2. What value did I deliver to my community today?
If you want to have more fun and do more of what you love while creating more money then I would love for you to come along on this journey with me. What is one thing you can commit to doing differently in your business right now!? Until next week, ZoeXx