5 Ways to reduce overwhelm and feeling busy

Season #1 Episode #9

This one is a goodie ladies! Overwhelm and a general feeling of being busy are such common thoughts and feelings for us ladies in biz. They become our normal right!? But what can you do to reduce these feelings when things get all too much!? We are the creators or our reality which means we are creating these problems for ourselves. But that means we have the power to create the solutions too! I have shared 5 simple ways to help you reduce the feelings of overwhelm around your ever growing to-do list and I share it this week after I was feeling totally overwhelmed at everything I needed to get done this week and realised I needed to change something NOW! I hope you enjoy. I would love to know what your biggest takeaway was from this episode!? Got a friend who you think needs to hear this? Why not share it with them and help spread inspiration and success with your biz besties!? Until next week! Zoe Xx