A membership for Kajabi Course Creators who want to know exactly how to set up and launch their course (or membership) without the tech overwhelm.

We help you take laser-focused action each month towards your launch goals so you can make consistent progress!



A membership for Kajabi Course Creators who want to know exactly how to set up and launch their course (or membership) without the tech overwhelm.

We help you take laser-focused action each month towards your launch goals so you can make consistent progress!


Does this sound like you?

➡️ You signed up for Kajabi months ago, but it's still sitting there untouched because you don't know where to start.


➡️  You have started building a website but you're feeling confused about what to do and how to finish it off so it is done properly!


➡️  You've got a few things set-up in Kajabi but it's taking your WAY longer than you thought and you have better things to be spending your time on?

➡️  You have paid someone thousands to set up your website and course but now you don't know how to make simple edits or changes to it 😧


➡️  You've got lot's of half-finished courses, pages & funnels in your Kajabi because you got overwhelmed and gave up?


➡️  You've managed to throw together a launch once but it was chaotic, overwhelming and stressful?

Hey there, do you need a hand?


All the experts tell you to sign up for Kajabi because

a) it's the best and

b) it's super easy to use so will make launching your course a sinch!

But the reality is, that launching a course is messy, exhausting, crazy & confusing when you're first getting started!

When you are building your business from the ground up, outsourcing is not always an option. You know you need to get the tech right for your launch, but right now it just feels like it's taking you way longer than it should (and if you're honest it kinda scares the s%&! out of you that you might stuff it up).

Does that mean your stuck taking 12+ months to launch in a pretty ordinary way?

Ummm, NO WAY!



The Kajabi Launch Club

An online learning membership where coaching & community come together and you get all the tools and support you need when it comes to growing and scaling your online business using Kajabi!


So often clients come to me because they have been literally flushing money down the drain by paying their monthly subscription for Kajabi but leaving it sitting there doing nothing! Simply because they are confused about how to get started and maybe a little scared they would mess something up (let me tell you know - you won't, and everything is fixable 😉).

And that's why I created the Kajabi Launch Club.

Get the exact steps you need to set up and launch your course with Kajabi, without the chaos, overwhelm & stress!


What makes the Kajabi Launch Club different?


I make it fun AND simple

When you think of tech and creating funnels do you think - hard, stressful, complicated? Well it doesn't have to be, not the way I teach it. I promise you'll enjoy jumping into Kajabi because you'll feel confident and supported!

You get my support every step of the way

You don’t just get a monthly masterclass and then get sent on your way. There are 2 x live coaching calls a month to ask all your questions and you can ask anything you need in the online community and I’ll answer your q’s within 24 hours

Step-by-step training for each phase of the journey

No matter what phase you’re working on (list-building, challenge or webinar live launch, setting up your course portal) There is a checklist/roadmap to guide you through the process along with the bite-sized training tutorials to show you EXACTLY what to do


Imagine if you could

🎉 Set up your own website from scratch in a few simple steps

🎉 Get time back in the afternoons & weekends because you have nailed your tech set up

🎉 Launch in a fun, simple and easeful way because you were spending less time on the tech stuff

🎉 Stop flushing money down the drain paying for software that you aren't using properly

🎉Create & launch a new lead magnet in just a couple of hours!

🎉Have your course set up and ready to go in less than a week!

🎉Easily edit your own website and stop paying someone to do it for you

That's exactly what's possible when you join KLC.


Here's some of our member wins!!!

What do you actually get inside the membership?

A complete A-Z Kajabi Launch Library

There is a library of step-by-step Kajabi training that shows you exactly what, where and how to set up everything in Kajabi. No matter what stage you are at I have the resources to help you achieve it. 

Checklists, templates & roadmaps

I want to make your next Kajabi launch as painless as possible so I have broken down each phase into step by step checklists for you so you don't miss any important steps. Plus there a various landing page and canva templates that you can simply upload and customize to your branding.

Saves you sooooo much time!

Hot-seat and Done-With-You Training

On our twice monthly calls you get to bring along anything you're working on and get support whether its about strategy, tech or design! And in between calls you can post inside the Facebook community where I hang out on a daily basis!

Take your Kajabi from Basic to Brilliant

If you already have a few things set up but it’s looking a little blah, there are simple strategies to uplevel your design so you can WOW your students. There are also super simple steps to maximising the platform for your automations and sales process

Coaching & mentoring from an industry expert

You get access to me as your coach to ask as many questions as you need. Whether you are stuck on where to start, have a tech drama or just need a sounding board I'll be there. I am inside the Facebook group, in the DM's or on our fortnightly calls.

It's like having a coach in your pocket

Community of incredible women

The community is the secret sauce to this experience. You get a community of INCREDIBLE course creators and membership owners who are all on the same journey as you (and they are some of the loveliest people you will ever meet if you ask me). These ladies will inspire, encourage and help support you through all stages of your launch.

They will truly be your biggest cheerleaders



I know you are already time-poor and the last thing you need is another course that promises to solve your problem but is just full of fluff... or worse - leaves you more overwhelmed then when you started

KLC is different - in your first 90-days I am sharing a roadmap to take you from idea to launch one step at a time.

In the first 90 days here’s what you can expect me to show you:

Setting up your course portal and how to wow your students

Creating a lead generation funnel so you grow your list while you get ready to launch

Setting up your offers so you can get paid, and designing sales pages

When you join you get instant access to trainings on:

🚀Webinar & Challenge launches

🚀Marketing your course

🚀Email Marketing with Kajabi

🚀Launch pathways

🚀Lead magnets and list building

🚀Setting up a course portal to WOW your students

🚀Creating offers so you can get paid


Plus I create training on demand so if there is something you are stuck on and can’t find anything on how to work it out, just ask and I’ll get it up there for you pronto


"I cannot believe how much I’ve learnt in such a short time!"

Before Zoe and the Kajabi Launch Club, I was chasing my tail, ready to quit Kajabi!

Zoe was referred to me and I now know why, she saved me, she squeezed me in for a full day 1:1 Kajabi VIP Day, in no time I learnt how to create my offer and the back end (coupons, payments and much more).

A week later, I learned about her Kajabi Launch Club, I immediately signed up!

I have since created multiple landing pages, revamped my website, I offer coupons whenever I feel like a sale. I feel confident and know Zoe is only a weekly session or group message away. I cannot believe how much I’ve learnt in such a short time!

The weekly email tips are fabulous as are the weekly Live sessions where you can ask Zoe anything Kajabi. Thanks to Zoe, I am learning more each time I sit to work on my Kajabi! I am forever grateful to my newfound skills! Thank you, Zoe and the Kajabi Launch Club for providing a safe learning space which is such value for money!

~Sharon Schmidt, Intuitive Souls

This is for you:

  • Had kajabi for a little while and been fumbling around, self-training and not sure you’ve got it quite right
  • Are a VA who is looking to uplevel your skill level and better serve your clients
  • Are growing a beautiful businesses on Kajabi and you want to launch with ease and fun!
  • Have paid someone to set your website up but now you want to be able to make edits and do things yourself without relying on someone else
  • Think it would be cool to meet other course creators and membership owners who are on the same journey as you

This is not for you:

  • If you prefer to go it alone
  • Aren't interested in learning about Kajabi
  • Don't like surrounding yourself with fun and supportive people
  • Just want someone to do it all for you

But don't just take my word for it! Here's what some of our members have to say!

"Since joining Kajabi Launch Club I’ve not only improved my skills and confidence in using the Kajabi platform but also used Zoe’s launch expertise to create successful customer journeys during my live launches.

Kajabi Launch Club is a game-changer"

~Tash Guthrie, The Time Creator

"I am incredibly grateful given my time constraints I was blown away by how calm and empowered Zoe made me feel having her by my side. She's my Kajabi fairy godmother! If you want to fast track your successful course launch and make sure you get all your ducks aligned, you MUST have Zoe on your team! "

~Ange Clark , Nutrition To Soar

Hi, I'm Zoe, your biggest cheerleader!

Hi, I’m Zoe the latte loving, socially awkward and adventure seeking face behind Zoe Richmond Coaching. I am a high vibe, bubbly energy personality type who has a passion for tech and helping, inspiring and motivating others!

I use my Kajabi Ninja skills to help make launching your course or membership more simple and easeful!

After spending many years as a financial controller, I realised I don’t really like crunching numbers all that much and now I spend my days creating beautiful websites and helping amazing women bring their dreams to life through launching online courses and members.

I am guessing you created your course to have more flexibility, fun and spend more time doing the things you love.

But right now, it feels like anything but that and you spending way too much time in the tech than you ever imagined you would.

Well, it doesn't have to keep going that way...

Right now you've got a few options:

1. You could continue going it alone, wasting hours fumbling around Kajabi help articles and scrolling the Official Facebook group;

2. You could spend thousands outsourcing all your Kajabi work

3. OR You can come and join me for this all-in experience using my step by step framework on exactly what to do and when which will save you hours of time (not to mention $$)


If you've read this far I'm thinking you like what you've seen, but maybe you've got some questions?