3 Tips To Actually Hit Your Income Goals

Season #1 Episode #5

Today I am sharing 3 things you need to be doing right now to hit your income goals! They are super simple and you can start doing them right now to change the results you're creating in your business. So what are they!?
  1. Do the mindset work everyday!
  2. Price your products & services based on value.
  3. Put your offers out in front of your people consistently.
If you start at step one - working on your mindset - then number 2 and 3 will get easier, I promise! Ready to deep dive into up levelling your mindset and money stories and call in bigger results in your business? Then I have just the thing to get you started! I have bundled up all the strategies, tips & tools I have been using with my clients over the last 6 months to create a confident and abundant mindset into a mini-course that you can access right now! For just $97 you can get access to the video content and my toolkit for creating a new level of normal in the results you are calling into your business. This stuff really works if you are willing to go deep and get a bit uncomfortable. It's not all fluffy stuff & woo, there are plenty of practical strategies and tools to implement because hoping, wishing & praying doesn't create the results. It's taking the big inspired actions that are going to give you the momentum and drive you towards your goals. Click the link below if you are ready to start hitting your income goals and feel abundant, confident and excited about the business you are building! https://www.zoerichmondcoaching.com/money-mindset-activation-mini-course