Stop Ignoring Your Money

Season #1 Episode #11

This weeks episode it short and sweet - stop ignoring your money! Start showing it some gratitude, nurture it and give it a bit of love.When was the last time you stopped to really think about your relationship with money? Are you still burying your head in the sand and ignoring your money, yet expecting it to nurture and support you!?If you aren't showing respect and gratitude for the money you have then you cannot expect more to flow to you! So my tip for you this week is to:1. Sit down and think about what your habits are when it comes to spending, investing, saving, paying bills and debt? What are you avoiding? What are you doing that isn't serving you?2. Show gratitude for the money you have - check your accounts weekly, pay your bills on time, be intentional with your spending3. Set a weekly money date to show your money some loveLet me know what you discover when you start to dive into this!Xx