Connecting your content with your client journey with Mel Daniels

Season #1 Episode #13

This week on The Inspired By Her podcast I have the lovely Mel Daniels from Meld Business Services on talking about the client journey and how to use content more purposefully to move people through the journey.If you find the sales funnel a bit salesy or it just doesn't feel right to you the client journey more relatable to you and your business. The 5 stages Mel takes us through in the client journey are:1. Connect2. Subscribe3. Nurture4. Convert5. OnboardingThis episode is absolutely jam packed with so many amazing tips from Mel, so make sure you have a pen and paper handy because you will want to make some notes along the way!If you want to know more about Mel and what she is does you can find her links below:Facebook - - - her Content Roadmap - And if you aren't already in my Facebook group where this interview took place, come and join the fun here