5 Tips for Actually Achieving Your Goals

Season #1 Episode #4

Today on the podcast I am dropping 5 really simple tips to help you supercharge your goals so you actually achieve them! I know I am guilty of setting goals at the beginning of the year and by the time February rolls around I have made no action toward actually making them happen. So they end up in the bottom of a draw somewhere never to be seen again.The problem with this is, we then end up creating things in our business that aren't aligned with what our purpose and bigger mission is so we get to the end of the year and feel like we haven't done what we wanted to. Most of us our super time poor right, so instead of trying to do all the things, focus on what is really going to help you hit your goals and say no to those things that won't!So here are the 5 tips in a nutshell:1. Don't look too far into the future!2. Break them into bite sized chunks.3. Write your goals down everyday.4. Feel into the emotion or intention behind your goals.5. Make sure they are aligned with your values and set your soul on fire.Do you set goals for your business? Or maybe you have and you have already forgotten what they are. The good news is there is never a wrong time to go through the process again. You don't need to wait until the beginning of a month, quarter or year to set them. 1,2,3 GO! Grab out your notebook right now and get cracking on setting some goals for the next week, month or quarter!If this is something your struggle with, or if you struggle staying accountable to achieving them, then lucky for you this is my jam! There are two ways I can support you to set aligned goals and actually achieve them:1. In my Facebook Group you will find a tonne of free trainings and I am in here daily offering accountability and support2. My 1 Month Intensives where we work together to:
  • set aligned and confident goals
  • create an action plan for you to achieve them (and I hold you accountable to implement this for the whole month)
  • Unlock the mindset blocks and challenges that are holding you back from doing the things!
If this sounds like something you need support with I have two spots available right now! I would love to chat with you, and even if these aren't right for you the 20 minutes can be super helpful to unload everything going on in your mind and gain some clarity.BOOK A CHAT HEREIt's hard to see the big picture in our own business because we are so invested in everything and so busy with the actual 'doing' in the business. Having someone else help us to zoom out so we can look at everything from a new perspective and identify the opportunities for growth and income generation is one of the most valuable things I have done to grow my business with more ease.Happy goal getting lovelies,Zoe Xx