The power of mindset for entrepreneurs with Petria Leggo-Field

Season #1 Episode #6

I have my very first guest on the podcast for the year this week, Petria Leggo-Field, who is the founder of Coco Rose Eco and the Coco Rose Community. Today we are chatting about juggling all the things, and the importance of mindset in up levelling your business and the power in trusting yourself. Petria has such a beautiful story and message to share and is leaving an incredible legacy behind her in the way she is building her business and community. You are going to love listening to Petria and all the words of wisdom she has to share. If you want to find out more about Petria and her community you can find her at the link below:Website: The Sustainable Shift Podcast Eco Facebook Group And if you would like to deep dive more into your money mindset, you can get my Money Mindset Activation Mini Course to be able to achieve your big money goals with ease!