Create your rinse & repeat Kajabi Launch System...

So you can spend less time on your launch tech and set-up and more time on the money-making activities!

Kajabi Launch Plan templates for Asana, Notion & Trello


See how the Kajabi Launch Plan can help you have your most fun & profitable launch yet!


All the experts tell you to sign up for Kajabi because

a) it's the best and

b) it's super easy to use so will make launching your course a sinch!

But the reality is, that launching a course is messy, exhausting, crazy & confusing when you're first getting started!

If you are nodding along with this you are in the right place!

Right now do your launches feel a little bit like this?

❌ You're overwhelmed with all the pieces you know you need to launch your course

❌And you don't know which one to start with

❌You're jumping around from one task to the next and you're not really getting any closer to being able to launch

❌You're head hurts thinking about the tech and all the parts that go into launching

❌You're tired of figuring it out alone and things taking a painfully long time to set-up

how much quicker could you launch your offer into the world if SOMEONE GAVE YOU ALL THE STEPS TO PLAN, BUILD & EXECUTE YOUR KAJABI LAUNCH?


The A-Z Kajabi Launch Plan

Plug-n-play launch plan templates to create your rinse & repeat Kajabi launch system!

Unlock everything you need to cut the fluff and get your Kajabi course LAUNCHED & making $$$, even if tech isn't your thing!

Launching your course can be fun & simple!

With the Kajabi Launch Plan you will:

✔️Get clear on exactly what needs to happen to launch your course

✔️Develop a launch system and process that you can then rinse & repeat for each launch

✔️Delegate tasks to your team, set reminders and stay on track

✔️Get all the ideas and thoughts out of your head and into a logical system so nothing is forgotten

✔️Stop delaying your launch because of procrastination and overwhelm

✔️Finally, launch that digital offer in a fun and simple way!


"Omg, as soon as I opened this trello board I got so excited. I have been dreaming of an organised trello board for my launches to make them more seamless but even the thought of sitting down and creating the template was exhausting to me. Now I have amazing templates for my offering ready to go for my launches which all of my team has access to - I absolutely love it Zoe! Thanks for creating it - you have saved me hours of time!"

Karly Raven, Natropath

Inside the Launch Plan you will find:

Trello, Notion & Asana Launch Plan templates with a place to keep ALL your launch assets (Copy, email copy, social media posts, FB ad creative, links to your pages!)

Step-by-Step instructions and checklists for each phase of your Kajabi build so you never miss a step again and you know exactly what to do to get your course launches

The ability to easily delegate and share with members on your team so you know who is doing what and you can all stay on top of your deadlines


I'm Zoe, Kajabi Strategist & Mentor

I'm the latte loving, socially awkward and adventure seeking face behind the brand here. I am a high vibe, bubbly energy personality type who has a passion for tech and helping, inspiring and motivating others!

I use my Kajabi Ninja skills to help make launching your course or membership more simple and easeful!

After spending many years as a financial controller, I realised I don’t really like crunching numbers all that much and now I spend my days creating beautiful websites and helping amazing women bring their dreams to life through launching online courses and members.

I am so excited to see you here and I can't wait to connect!

Here's how it works:

Download your Launch Plan and upload into your Trello, Notion or Asana account

Set your launch goals and add your dates and deadlines to the board

Start creating the assets for your launch or delegate and assign them to your team

Follow the instructions to build and connect everything in Kajabi as you work through each phase of the launch process

Now you're ready to LAUNCH! 

And you've got a rinse & repeat system to use for next time!

I've done all the hard work for you!

What are you waiting for? Let's do this!