Set up an irresistible lead generation funnel.

You have probably heard all the guru’s talking about how you need to grow your email list. But how do you actually do that with Kajabi? How do you make sure someone opts in and receives the right freebie, or connect everything so it all happens automatically?

Let me show you how in 6 simple steps.

In the following steps we are going to work backwards, it might seem strange that we would start with the email sequence but it will all make sense when we get to the end.

The Assets we need to set up:
1. Email sequence to deliver the freebie
2. Nurture emails post-download
3. Form to capture their details
4. Opt-In Page
5. Thank you page

Step 1: Create an email sequence
Marketing > Email Campaigns > New Email > Email Sequence

The first email to create inside this sequence is the email to deliver your freebie. For a checklist or downloadable template, the file can be uploaded behind a CTA button. If your freebie it a quiz or a webinar, then you will need to add the URL behind the button to direct them to the page that hosts your quiz or video.

This email needs to be set to be sent out on day 0 so that they receive the email immediately after they opt in.

After they receive the freebie, you may want to also check in a few days later, introduce yourself and your brand, or send them some additional value packed tips. Each of these emails will be added as additional emails inside your sequence spread out over a number of days.

Step 2: Set up a form.
Marketing > Forms > New Form

This is how you will capture the details of your audience.

  • Give your form a name and add the month you are running the campaign
  • If you would like to be notified when the form is submitted, tick the box and add your email address in the right hand side.
  • Select whether you would like double or single opt-in.
  • Add any additional form fields you would like to capture. The default is name and email address, given this is a freebie you don’t want to make it too long and complicated for people to access so less is better.
  • Add automations:
    • Add a tag
    • Subscribe to an email sequence (and select the sequence you just created in step one)

Step 3: Create a landing page.
Design > Website> Pages > New Landing Page

A few key items you will need on this page:

  • The name of your freebie
  • The key benefits/results that your audience will get from your freebie
  • A CTA above the fold (i.e. they don’t need to scroll to click through)
  • A form where they will need to put in their details. Connect the form you just created in step 2.
  • I like to create a mockup of the guide or checklist and add it to the page to show people a sneak peek at what they are getting
  • If you are running ads to a cold audience, you may also want to add an about me section on the page.

Kajabi have some amazing templates if design isn’t your strong point or you could duplicate one of your existing landing pages (if you have one) as a starting point.

Bonus tip: make sure you check the mobile compatibility!

Step 4: Duplicate your opt-in page to create a thank-you page

This is a page that your audience sees after they complete the form on the opt-in page. You can thank them for downloading your freebie and give them the next steps to take e.g. head to your inbox and download your guide.

I also like to add another way to connect like listening to a podcast episode, connecting on Instagram or joining a Facebook group. This helps build a cohesive marketing ecosystem.

Step 5: Connect your Thank You page

Head back to your form (Marketing > Form) and in the right hand side tick the box to send them to a custom thank you page. Select the page you just created in step 4.

Step 6: TEST

Do not skip this part! Make sure you opt into your freebie and that everything works like it should. I would even suggest sending the link to a friend and getting them to test it out.

And BOOM, you’re all done and ready to grow your email list! If you follow these steps and found them helpful then I would love to hear so I can celebrate you! Send me an email or shoot me a DM to share your new freebie.