Growing a membership with Tash Guthrie - The Time Creator

Season #3

I am so excited to be chatting in this weeks episode with the beautiful Tash Guthrie. She has an online membership - The Time Creator Momentum, and shares her tips for growing an online membership, alongside working as a primary school teacher and selling physical products as well.

Tash's philosophy and business is all about creating more time and purposefully carving out time for the things that are most important to us. And this is 

Her membership is 2 years old and she shares her wisdom on the ups and downs of the journey with us. If you are thinking about starting a membership or maybe you already have one, then you'll want to grab a pen & paper for this episode as Tash shares so much goodness!


Some of the highlights of our conversation were:

- the philosophy behind her launch strategy - engage the community first with something easy and simple they can implement.

- Putting your own spin on the typical 'Challenge' launch

- Using the same launch strategy but delivering it 3 different ways

- Launching her digital membership off the back of physical product launches

- Mindset around members cancelling

- Being confident with your content so you can show up and have FUN


Just to throw something new in the mix, Tash and her family have been travelling Australia in their caravan since October 2021 and she shares some of the adjustments that she needed to make when travelling full time and running a business.

Along with her membership Tash also has a range of physical products and she has just released her new 2023 planners which are absolutely GORGEOUS! You can shop her products on her website below.

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