Hi, I am Zoe

I am the coffee loving, socially awkward, nature loving person behind the brand here. I am a high vibe, bubbly energy personality type who has a passion for tech and helping, inspiring and motivating others!

Hi, I am Zoe

I am the coffee loving, socially awkward, nature loving person behind the brand here. I am a high vibe, bubbly energy personality type who loves empowering and inspiring others to always see the positve side of life!

How it began...

Like most others, I started in the corporate world. I spent almost 10 years working in the very male dominated automotive industry in the accounting department. Working my way up from the bottom of the ladder to the Financial Controller overseeing a team of people and responsible for the numbers of the business. After having my second baby, I knew that I didn't want to continue in the toxic, corporate environment and I had the inner knowing that I was here for something much more.

I January 2019, something happened that I can only call divine intervention. I met the most incredible human being who opened my eyes to the online world. Shout out to you Meg Burrage! By October that year, I was a part of Meg's team building beautiful Kajabi websites for her clients and that is still where I am today!

What entailed after that defining moment was a journey of self-development, learning, experimenting and growth. Since then I have trialled and errored a lot of different things in my business to work out wehat it is that really truly lights me up. I became a CPA account, a registered BAS agent and completed my NLP and TLT pratitioner training in 2020 which was truly a life defining moment for me! 

I realized I actually don't like numbers all that much and I now my days are filled with helping entrepreneurs to launch in style and leverage the power of online courses and memberships with beautifully design Kajabi websites!

How I can help



If you are looking for  Kajabi whiz to take the stress out of your upcoming launch by taking care of creating an amazing pipeline and sales page for you then I am your girl. 

There are soooo many ways to launch your course or membership and pretty much all of them will require some kind of landing page, email sequence and sales page to take your ideal client on a journey to raving fans and jumping at the bit to buy your thing.

That's where I come in. I take care of all the tech in collaboration with you and your ideas so you don't have to stress about the back end and can focus on connecting with your people.

I can also help you keep your website updated and maintained on a month to month basis with my monthly VA packages.

Fun facts about me




My poor parents and neighbours! But I was determined to learn how to play (I see a theme here!) and I did end up performing at an end of year concert, which was the end of my piano playing career haha.



Learning about my Human Design has been an absolute game changer for me and made so much sense to me about why I am how I am. Now I get to embrace my weirdness and share it with the world!



When people are reaching for that afternoon glass of bubbles I am usually reaching for the chocolate. I just don't like the taste and am yet to find any beverage that I can happily sip. In saying that, I am more than happy for you to sip your drink of choice while I devour my chocolate!

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