Small Business Success Stories - Rachel Reiter Hopscotch Branding

Episode #35

On this weeks podcast we explore the importance of branding for your business with the incredible Rach from Hopscoth Branding. Rach shares with us her inspiring journey to get her business to where it is today and she shares with you all some of her wisdom for you to take away and implement into your own businesses.

We discuss the importance of branding and how this is more than what meets the eye, Rach explains how branding can start before you even have your business up and running and how helpful this can actually be. We talk all things business, how to measure your successes in unconventional ways so you can celebrate more of the wins, how to juggle the work life balance so neither your business nor your family suffers and we get to hear Rach’s amazing advice surrounding how dreaming of starting your own successful business can be more than just a dream, it can be reality!

Learn more about Rach and her business Hopscotch Branding or how she can help you and your business below: